AnthropolisAnthropolis Anthropological Public Benefit Association (founded in 2002) published the first anthropological periodical in Hungary, produced documentaries on minorities, migrants and on the Millennium Development Goals in East Africa, organized media campaigns and awareness-raising festivals on global issues, initiated a news portal on development.

In the recent years Anthropolis became one of the most active Hungarian NGOs in Global Education. The association founded the Global Education Resource Centre, published lecture books for students (elementary and secondary), regularly organizes workshops for students, international and national seminars for teachers and youth workers and roundtable discussions among GE stakeholders. The organization is active in peace education: in the frame of the project ‘Global Education Through Sport’ Anthropolis organized the world’s first rugby match between an Israeli and a Palestinian team. The association is a board member of HAND, the Hungarian NGDO Platform.

Beside global educational activities Anthropolis met the digital storytelling (DST) method in the frame of a European partnership (Grundtvig Multilateral project, and since 2010 the organization delivered several workshops for diverse target groups e.g teachers, people in special need, individuals. Anthropolis organized international workshops for teachers and trainers from all over Europe with the support of the EC and published a technical tutorial on relevant software usage and a DVD dedicated to DST method with interviews, studies.  Anthropolis created a website especially for DST ( where all the connected activities (workshops, films, materials) are available. 

Anthropolis Association as a partner organization in the partnership will contribute to dissemination and evaluation, and will be responsible for the local activities and mobilities, and for the Digital storytelling workshop. Contribute in the benchmarking of skills and competencies mapping; support in the development of the project final output. Take part in all the local and trasnational activities, and crosscutting project activities: quality, dissemination and exploitation among other cultural training institutions in Hungary.