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CREA.M – Creative Blended Mentoring for Cultural Managers was a Leonardo da Vinci project financed within the EU Lifelong Learning Programme which ended in November 2013. The CREA.M partnership was composed by a mix of eight different institutions from seven countries, including vocational educational training organisations, cultural organisations, a small/medium sized enterprise and a public administration.

The programme aim was to support cultural managers in taking responsibility for their career, personal development and job seeking by fostering entrepreneurial skills and creative thinking.   

The CREA.M creative mentoring scheme is based on a competency model relating to entrepreneurship as a key competence. It is a methodology based on creative play, appreciative enquiry, design thinking, making participants more competitive in the labour market by fostering their self-awareness as professionals.

The CREA.M project mapped out the competencies needed in the cultural sector by involving different stakeholders and, from there, elaborating a creative blended mentoring programme deployed into learning outcomes to foster creativity, entrepreneurship and intercultural skills for beneficiaries. The results helped to design the project’s Blended Mentoring Kit based on design thinking and creative tools and visual mapping.  The mentors were trained to use the tools and to give special attention to the need for entrepreneurial skills and competencies of the mentees. The design of the programme also had to take into consideration the different cultural backgrounds.


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  1. Research survey
  2. New Curriculum framework
  3. M Competency Model
  4. M Notebook
  5. Blended Mentoring kit for mentors
  6. Blended Mentoring kit for mentees
  7. Project Brochure
  8. Mentoring links and references


Giulia Fiaccarini, Project manager,

Antonia Silvaggi,  Project  manager,



The CREA.M project, Creative Blended Mentoring for cultural managers, was made possible thanks to the support of the European Commissionʼs Lifelong Learning programme, Leonardo da Vinci Development of Innovation. The mentoring tools and modelling techniques to manage the relationship between mentor and mentee have been developed by the Institute for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship (ICCE), Goldsmiths, University of London, and incorporate material developed for the Nesta Creative Pioneer programme. These materials are © Goldsmiths, University of London and/or its licensors.