Let’s go training in the Creative Gym!


The current economic crisis requires cultural organisations and individuals to be able to navigate new challenges such as austerity, emerging forms of cultural participation and artistic creation, the digital shift. The project “Upskill: Up skilling cultural managers, matching skills needs by improving vocational training” has emphasised to partners that training and development in the cultural sector is an ongoing process in order to improve, like working in the gym.

The e-booklet “CREATIVE GYM. TRAINING EXERCISES FOR CULTURAL MANAGERS. A collection of essays and case studies” is the result of this cooperation and of the contrasting narratives from the different partners involved. Each chapter is based around specific competencies identified by the partners, which link to a type of training or tool, and related case studies. Entrepreneurship, professional skills, fundraising, project management, audience development and digital skills have been identified as especially significant to cultural roles. 

Let’s go training!

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Lifelong Learning ProgrammeWith the support of the EU Commission, the Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo da Vinci Programme, Vocational Educational Training, 2007 -2013