How does it work a workshop on creative problem solving technique?

By Henrique Praça, Sétepes

Creativity is a tool, like a hammer that we use to hammer nails.  We can use creativity to solve problems or satisfy needs in a different way to traditional methods.


It is important to define the problem we need to address before trying to solve it. The ability to define problems in an appropriate way can also be improved by using some techniques. The following techniques, based on CPS methodology (Creative Problem Solving)[1], are some examples that can be used:

  • Morphological Matrix
  • Paradigm Shift Matrix
  • Association Matrix
  • SCAMPER Matrix
  • BrainWriting/Matrix 635
  • BrainStation
  • Brainstorming (dozens of variations)
  • Idea Machine Methodology
  • Fast Prototyping


After a brief theoretical introduction, begin the practical component of the workshop, starting with the question of how to define a problem for which we need creative ideas. Another consideration to be aware of is the multiple ideas generation methodologies and techniques available. One can find books, websites and companies that provide information about this topic. Over the last thirty years, books have been published, websites created, pack of cards, apps and programmes like never before. Additionally there are organisations all over the world, which offer courses, seminars and organise conferences on these issues.

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