StampaMelting Pro. Laboratorio per la cultura is a cultural association founded by eight professionals who have a collective passion and deep experience in the field of cultural management and training. Melting Pro offers an innovative approach to cultural management and a wide array of resources to promote it.

Melting Pro is the link between ideas and practice, culture and growth, networks and processes.  It is a system of cultural management based on innovativeness & internationalization.

MEP offers support to cultural organisations to develop outreaching strategies to engage new audiences based on research, mapping & developing creative & innovative ideas & methodologies to make art, heritage and the cultural sector at large accessible to all.

Mep is setting an innovative programme mentoring programme  aiming at develop skills and competences for cultural managers enhacing work based learning. Moreover provides innovative training testing design processes to develop project management skills in European project management and funding opportunities in the cultural sector. It also aims to encourage an entrepreneurship mind set in cultural management.

Mep thanks to the experience in managing European project, as the coordinator of the project, will ensure the sound management of the project actvities,  foster active collaboration among all project partners and supervise quality of the project outputs. Therefore it will coordinate the quality and monitoring of the project. It have organised the Kick off meeting together with Fondazione CERERE in Rome.

Mep will encourage use of results also through the silent partners and a better link with the VET sector by engaging them in the local  and transnational activities.