Spain-meeting-3The Upskill’s project 4rd partners meeting took place in Pedro Muñoz (near Madrid), from 16 to 21 October in Spain, hosted by Fundación Iberoamericana de las Industrias Culturales y Creativas. All together 22 participants has come from the partner organisations to try two workshop modules as a part of to know different best practices and also visiting some venues in rural areas knowing a bit about the actual cultural field in Spain.


The organisers tried to give as wild horizon of entrepreneurial projects as it was possible within the tight timeframe, but they admitted at the end, that due to the lack of the time, they won’t show any examples with more details.



La Harinera

The meeting started with a welcome of the Mayor in Town hall with a introduction of the programme and objectives of the meeting. Presentation of UPSKILL: Leonardo Project (Collective presentation of the project). After that we had a Tour about La Harinera ( and a discussion of Cultural Management in rural areas.



FIBICC showed La Harinera as a place that combines industrial heritage, cultural innovation and contemporary creation in an old bread and flour factory. Its main aim is to promote and inspire creativity in a sustainable way and with an international scope, while enhancing models of cultural democracy and interculturality. Local and global traditions are both included in art and cultural innovation; they support social transformation, focusing especially on young people. Participantas had the opportunity to talk with artist in residence.


The Harinera-Creative is a living and adaptable space with firm intention to support innovative proposals undertaken by young artists (we met Julia Fuentesal and Pablo Muñoz de Arenillas). Thanks to the program´s creators residences Harinera generates a point open and committed cultural encounter; multidisciplinary and adaptable. An environment of discussion and reflection for all professionals and citizens who want to be part of the project, incorporating and developing new audiences is promoted.



The day 2 participants visited CICATO – Cultural space, where was developed a Workshop:  JELLY BEAN TREE: Evaluation tool by Antonia Silvaggi. After that a workshop about Crowdfunding and Cultural Management. How to create a campaign from scratch: Build our Upskill Campaign. How the digital shift can influence business models? We could discover new ways and methodologies of using crowdfunding as a tool for cultural managers.


Around the evening we had, chaired by José Alberto Crespo, Cultural Manager. Chief of Programs Unit. INJUVE. Spanish Goverment. Conversations with Spanish cultural managers about change management, entrepreneurialism, digital skills in Cultural Management: examples from Spain. We had the opportunity to know more about different training programs in cultural management in Spain with a discussion about skills that are not covered in this kind of studies.


FIBICC also showed the partners CultUp Program. CULTUP program takes care of human capital formation, by training young managers and entrepreneurs to make easy for them the access to a growing sector within a society moving towards a new productive model that values innovativeness, knowledge transfer and creative knowledge application. Trying to match the market needs with training contents.


Through attended sessions in different cities and also using an online platform for training, counseling and tutoring, participants will be expanding their formation and receiving support to develop their entrepreneurial projects within the cultural sector. From a real point of view connecting with the real labour and enterprise market.


Because the lack of time the group decided to do an online the presentation of blended training programme in a platform create for all the partners: How to use Moodle Platform for Cultural Managers, trough a canvas model online training. Developing Entrepreneurial mindset in the Creative and Cultural sector abroad.



Last two days, participants had the opportunity to participate in Conference of Marketing for the Arts, that meets annually to nearly 200 professionals in cultural management that took place on 20 and 21 October in the Lazaro Galdiano Foundation in Madrid.


In this and in addition to activities in the meeting as FIBICC collaborates with Marketing Conference organized by Asimétrica in Madrid.


This year’s conference focuses on different models of loyalty and involvement of public culture. With national and international top-level speakers who presented us their cases and best practices from the point of view of orchestras and classical music (GREG SANDOW), performing arts (Steppenwolf Theatre Company; Mercat de les Flors), museums (TATE GALLERIES; MUSEUM, GO GREEN¡), festivals (SKIES FESTIVAL OF INFINITY), interdisciplinary spaces (MATADERO MADRID) independent consultants and experts in measuring the impact of the arts (WOLFBROWN) and the ladder of loyalty (INDIGO LDT. ).


Here you can see an audiovisual summary, a really nice place and activity to end the meeting:


Vídeo Resumen #MarketingArtes14 | ASIMÉTRICA from ASIMETRICA on Vimeo.