The Danish Centre for Arts & Interculture (DCAI) is a national knowledge centre, which collects and disseminates know-how, experience, research, competency and best practice concerning aspects of interculture and cultural diversity within the arts scene. The centre works with the development of intercultural competences and awareness in mainstream arts institutions and organisations and municipality departments of culture, both within the mainstream and on the periphery of the arts scene – on a national level and in regard to the exchange of intercultural experience and research at an international level.

DCAI has a long history of working with the themes of Inclusion, Participation and Advocacy of and for new audiences in mainstream arts and culture in Denmark. For many years the centre operated the first national initiative in this field to work professionally to promote .

DCAI staff perform tasks and screenings, and are responsible for development and skills learning programs, audience and organizational development, learning, seminars and conferences and more, alongside Denmark’s largest web portal and news service on art and interculture.


  • To improve access to the Danish art scene for professional artists regardless of their cultural background and thus contribute to Danish cultural life characterized by a diversity of voices.
  • To enhance the diversity of cultural institutions’ organization at all levels, including management, administration and recruitment and personnel policy.
  • To facilitate access to cultural life offers through audience engagement – that is, the interaction and relationships between cultural operators, program and audience.
  • To promote networking, exchange and knowledge sharing between artists, organizations and institutions.
  • To contribute to lessons about cultural diversity and interculturalism included in the vision, planning and strategies for cities, municipalities and regions.
  • To disseminate knowledge about the artistic and cultural diversity and intercultural competences for municipalities, cultural institutions and media.
  • To take the initiative to experience the collection, analysis and development of methods within the above fields.


Role in the project:

-Contributing to the skills and comptences assessment: audience development 

-Contributing to the development of the VET training modules

-Host a meeting in Denmark

-Contribute to the dissemination and exploitation of results through the VEt in DK

Web:  www.dcai.dk