What have we been doing in Porto?

Meet the partners and learn why they think exchange best practices among cultural organisations is important:


Highlights of the PORTO meeting in March, 2015:

What an incredible meeting in Porto exploring how creativity can support rethinking and reframing problems! Quoting Einstein ‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them’.

Such as the Art on Chairs is an example of a collaboration between creative and cultural industries (CCI) and traditional industries. In this case, the collaboration was between designers and 600 local furniture companies. The goal was to assert and consolidate the strategic vision of Paredes as Furniture Design Centre, a place which is capable of attracting people, talent and creative business and of generating value and quality of life. The international event Art on Chairs is a crucial part of this strategy, which aims to join design, creativity and entrepreneurship in promoting a fundamental sector in the social, economic and cultural development of the city.

For more information: www.artonchairs.pt

Or the interesting Oliva Factory, in São João da Madeira near Porto.

Oliva Creative Factory is essentially a business project, with artistic training, cultural activities and leisure playing a major role. Located inside Oliva, one of the former biggest and most innovative factories in Portuguese history, Oliva Creative Factory’s motto is to convert creativity and talent into business. For this purpose, a business hub for the creative industries (design, fashion, software, product design, web design and multimedia, among others) has been created, as well as a business centre for established businesses. There is also a large wing dedicated to contemporary art, with a permanent exhibition, temporary exhibitions, a dance school, restoration offices and a rehearsal room for shows being presented in the city’s major theatre room, Casa da Criatividade. Don’t miss out on:



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